The Electric Feminine

Head to Heart to Yoni

July 23, 2021 Anjua
The Electric Feminine
Head to Heart to Yoni
Show Notes

In this episode, host Anjua Maximo speaks with family physician, sexologist, and former co-host on The Doctor’s,  Dr. Rachael Ross. Dr. Rachael and I speak about the importance of opening up the dialogue around societies sometimes one-sided perceptions of important topics like consent, discussing bodies with children and the Me Too Movement ad sex workers to name just a few.

From her early beginnings growing up in a conservative Christian African- American household  to her passionate work with HIV/ AIDS positive patients in the Black community, Dr. Rachael has been questioning and challenging the constructs and perspectives many of us have grown up with.  We discuss how the way to changing the narrative around the shame we may feel around sex should begin with normalizing conversations from menstruation to sexual trauma. We go on to discuss how pornography is damaging our perceptions of how our body’s need to look during sex and how sex itself needs to look. Without candid discussions about understanding the difference between fantasy  and reality we will continue down the road of comparing ourselves to unrealistic expectations, both in how we look having sex and how sex itself needs to look like.

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