The Electric Feminine

Normalizing Discussing Polyamory

July 30, 2021 Anjua
The Electric Feminine
Normalizing Discussing Polyamory
Show Notes

In this episode, host Anjua Maximo sits down with Tasha Brandt - an Embody Coach, creator of Queer Movement, and current Grad student working towards a Masters in Social Work to gain her license for Holistic Psychotherapy. (Embody is her sensual embodiment movement class for women and Queer Movement is her sensual embodiment class for Queer identifying people.)

From her early relationship to her body as an athlete and dancer, Tasha speaks about viewing her body as a commodity, a performative tool that was something that would advance her to her next goal. Growing up she recalls her family only speaking about sensuality and sex when something was wrong or trauma was experienced. Feelings were not always considered.
As a survivor, she learned to use sex as a way of feeling in control. That pleasure wasn't something she learned about until her 20s.

We discuss Tasha's personal experience with polyamory (meaning many loves) and what it is and isn't. Tasha lays out the boundaries and clarifies the often misconstrued ideas around polyamory. We discuss how we've been conditioned to only view monogamy as the only way to be in a relationship with others. Through her experience with polyamory, she feels she learned more about deep trust and mutual respect than she had in previous monogamous relationships.  How do you know you may be ready for a polyamorous relationship and how do you even speak about it with your partner? She goes on to say that contrary to what one may believe, depletion and scarcity in your current relationship aren't the healthy catalysts to begin exploring polyamory. Clear communication with your partner and knowing yourself are key to exploring polyamory from a place of expansion rather than to fill a void.

You can follow Tasha on IG @Tasha_Brandt_ for more information on her Embody and Queer Movement classes

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