The Electric Feminine


August 06, 2021 Anjua
The Electric Feminine
Show Notes

In this episode, host Anjua Maximo sits down with Imani Vanzap. Imani is a speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and social media's number one Auntie! She created BECOME! to inspire and help people fix their shit.  If you know her, you know she always has her signature fan with her that she snaps open effortlessly whenever she is celebrating another person's achievements or just for sheer fierce energetic emphasis. While Imani's platform originally started as a parody of Iyanla Vanzant, she quickly realized she was truly helping others with their hardships. She feels the platform has allowed her to share her life experiences and in doing so has created a community of people who want to lift each other up and BECOME! She feels coaches that 'have it all together';  "flowers that have been plucked from the garden".

When asked about the divine feminine and divine masculine energies, Imani feels it takes someone very comfortable with themselves to be able to access either. Imani is actually capable of embodying multiple persona's. For instance, another primary persona is Erik Dillard, whom she refers to as nephew. When Erik is being embodied the energy he is in is his masculine energy. Early on though, Imani speaks to a time when there was a struggle where they didn't know which way to go. Erik was the creator and executor of the content but there was a part of him that wanted very much to lean into the more what some may call more traditionally feminine clothing.  After deciding to embrace the feminine fully, Imani was born and the response has been incredible. Especially from women who make up a majority of her following.

Imani thinks of herself as a champion of not just women, but of  Black women in particular.  She believes Black feminine energy has never been fully embraced or celebrated and she is determined to kick that door open. She believes the Black feminine energy has held America together. Her kicking the door in is inspired by her experience of having felt like the different one in the room. When it comes to resilience she feels that it does come down to a choice. Imani feels like lights are sent to light someone's way and that is her purpose. From her gathering the misfits and underdogs in middle school to create their own table to her making thousands of people feel seen and heard today, Imani has been a light.
Prepare to fall in love with the one and only Imani.

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