The Electric Feminine

How Do Men Benefit from Sensual Embodiment?

July 16, 2021 Anjua
The Electric Feminine
How Do Men Benefit from Sensual Embodiment?
Show Notes

*Content Trigger warning: Sexual trauma is briefly discussed, Rape,  explicit language

In this episode, host Anjua Maximo speaks with men's intimacy initiatress, Allison Cruz. Allison speaks about her early childhood experience with sexual trauma and how it influenced unhealthy relationship habits as an adult including creating a distrust with the divine masculine energy within men. We discuss how this trauma created a pattern of cheating in her monogamous relationship but it was the unconditional love of one man who chose to love her despite her actions that opened her up to the possibility of healing from her past.

Through her healing journey of therapy and breathwork, she had a deep transformational experience at a retreat that took her back through her lineage where she discovered that her mother and grandmother had been raped as well. The message she ultimately received was to turn her pain into her mission. By using her divine feminine energy she would ultimately help men consciously connect to their dark masculine in order to create balance within them that would in turn allow them to connect positively to the divine feminine in women.

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Allison mentions working with life coach Christine Hassler 

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